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One man has taken his urge for a large penis to the next level – and beyond. Micha Stunz, 45, has enlarged his penis with silicon injections and now owns

What is the benign enlarged prostate medical treatment: TURP?

“All men will have an enlarged prostate if they live long enough.” So you would better be prepared! General The prostate is a male reproductive gland with the function of producing the fluid that carries the sperm during ejaculation.

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Find out about enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) causes, surgery, symptoms, diagnosis, medications, treatment, and prevention. See pictures of an enlarged prostate, and learn when to see the doctor about this condition.

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Feb 01, 2018 · A side effect of TURP can be a condition called retrograde ejaculation. Also called dry orgasm, retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen enters the bladder instead of entering and exiting out of the penis.

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What Is an Enlarged Prostate? The prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system, is located just below the bladder, between the rectum and the base of the penis.

Prostate cancer, enlarged prostate (BPH) and prostatisis information – signs, symptoms, treatment, and medication for prostate cancer and enlarged prostate.

WebMD examines the possible causes of an enlarged spleen, symptoms to be aware of, and treatments that can help.

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The Male Health Center Web site offers an encyclopedia of information on male health issues ranging from wellness and nutrition to vasectomy, sexual …

An erection (clinically: penile erection or penile tumescence) is a physiological phenomenon in which the penis becomes firmer, engorged and enlarged. Penile erection is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, neural, vascular and endocrine factors, and is often associated with sexual arousal or sexual attraction, …

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