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Gangs are turning to sex trafficking because it’s highly profitable and less risky. Here’s how police can identify victims and traffickers.

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The Telford sexual exploitation scandal is an ongoing scandal in the United Kingdom. Originally, a group of British-Asian men were convicted of grooming local ren for sex between 2007 and 2009 in Telford in the English county of Shropshire.

Introduction. I did not intend to publish this, as I could not complete the work I had set out to do, but I have decided instead to write a personal account of an attempt I made to find out how many teens have been groomed, gang-d, and prostituted by organised gangs in England over the last five years.

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Following the break up of the first sex ring in May 2012, the police made arrests in relation to another sexual exploitation ring in Rochdale.

Over a 16-year period, ren as as 11 were sexually exploited by gangs of men in Rotherham – most of them of Pakistani origin.

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Special investigation: How predatory gangs force middle-class teens into the sex trade. By Sue Reid for The Mail on Sunday Updated: 19:57 EDT, 6 August 2010

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