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A list of bad and horrible logo designs. By outlining these bad logo designs I hope to raise awareness of how important it is to have a strong brand & …

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I win. When I go into work next, I’m going to surprise all my co-workers and put up pictures of myself instead of their ugly s and their inane drawings.

This feature was originally published on November 14th, 2007, by Bill and B. Holy Lord, Rob Liefeld is bad at drawing. I mean, holy shit I’ll stop. Just read this. It’s awesome. Also, you can find the sequel, 40 MORE of the worst Rob Liefeld drawings, right HERE. – Ed. This is Rob Liefeld. If

Pictures from the book “Drawings from the GULAG” by Danzig Baldaev, a retired Soviet prison guard. Depictions of the Soviet genocide. A prisoner who went on hunger strike is being forcefully fed through his nostril.

Monday mornings, I welcome my 6th-grade homeroom, then immediately turn around and teach 12th-grade “higher-level” mathematics.

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05/07/2018 Today in my life, the CROADCORE Mall Is back up and running from my studio in Brooklyn NY. Ive had quite a time reclaiming my brain from the Next World Tarot, so here are a few Next World Prints, of the Major and Arcanas, as well as a new print on Generational Trauma (pictured in that convenient gif to your left), originally

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Filthy bitches sucking cocks and eating sperm from throbbing hound fuck tools. Rough vaginal penetration feels so good with horny s at …

The house of tears part 2 Emma’s ordeal, bdsm by Ted Owen. Comics bdsm, cum, discipline, dominance, humiliation, punishment, ted owen

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Randal hated his wife, Sonia; she was fat, undersexed and a total pain in his ass. Unfortunately she was also an heiress to a multibillion dollar company and the damn prenuptial agreement he signed meant he’d lose access to her fortune.

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