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Michael Arceneaux, contributor and Master of Shade, calls out five of his biggest gripes from the past week. Rejoice and be read. Well, who knew gay Black men were all on Hollywood execs’ mouths like liquor? I sure didn’t, but no matter, Nate Parker sounds like a colored caveman too

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Given that I have not long started a new job and won’t really be able to plan any decent holidays this year I’m now looking towards next year.

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Gay è la parola inglese che sta per gaio. Tutto ciò che è gaio, quindi, è gay per definizione. Essere gay è una delle principali malattie del mondo, è considerata la principale causa di morte in Africa; è bene ricordare che gay non si nasce ma si diventa e che si può guarire da questo terribile

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Writings on Lesbian and Gay History and Literature by Rictor Norton

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Foi detectado um erro na sua rosca e você virou gay, a causa disso foi você estar queimando a rosca com Jorjão ou está assistindo muito a Globo.

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Some mans walk into the studio and you instantly know they have what it takes to become a major star, if they want it. James is definitely one of those mans.

Although gay lifestyles have been condemned by the church, a number of senior members of the clergy have been found to have had homosexual relationships. Archbishop Rembert Weakland, who retired in 2002, was alleged to have been in a relationship with a former graduate student; Juan Carlos Maccarone, the Bishop of Santiago del Estero in

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