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Teabagging is a slang term for the sexual act of a man placing his scrotum in the mouth of his sexual partner for pleasure, or onto the face or head of another person, sometimes as a comedic device.. Look up teabag, teabagged, or teabagging …

Introduction. I’m now fifty-two years old, having been married to my wife Janice for thirty years, and this story is about a sexual reawakening that I had five years ago, when I had just turned forty-seven.

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I relive my high college and college memories of sucking cocks and balls by sucking my sons’ friends.

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What’s the connection between heat and male fertility? Sperm are fine-crafted little machines that require the precise temperature of 4 degrees cooler than body temperature for proper development

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Safety First Question How about…. finding dick! How can you find dick that is safe to suck (clean)? ‘Specially if you are into the perfect stranger fantasy.

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Question I’m a male from Canada, and I just want to know if I’m normal with the fact that I would love to suck my own cock, but also cum in my mouth? I know that I’m not gay!

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