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Getting a set of new wheels and tires will drastically improve the look of your bike. Fortunately, make vintage bikes can be easily upgraded to modern 700c wheelsets without too much of a headache.

Retro style (also known as “vintage inspired”) is a style that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends, music, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the past.

History of Compact Cassette: The Compact Cassette is a plastic case containing a spool of 3.81 mm magnetic tape spooled between two reels. The tape is …

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Vintage Compact 18

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Vintage powder compacts for sale, Stratton Regency, Vogue Vanities, Stratton Pontoon, Mascot BOAC ‘Travelling Bag’, Stratton “Clam Shell”, Zenette Rectangular Chromium Plated, Stratton Convertible “Queen”, …

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Dual CD-5070-RC CD-Player Audiophile Concept BRAND NEW IN BOX! High End Vintage Dual CD-5070-RC CD Player Audiophile Concept High End Vintage Model: CD 5070 RC Year of construction: 1988-1989 Made …

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Introduced in January 1984 (along with a revised Lisa), this Macintosh didn’t have a model number – it was simply the Macintosh. There was no name on the front. Early 128Ks simply said Macintosh on the back, while later ones were marked Macintosh 128K to distinguish them from the later

Vintage Cassettes: 1963-2010 Here you will find the beatiful pictures of sealed compact casettes. Cassettes from 1970-1990 are covered the most.

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Vintage Guitar always delivers the most interesting info on all kinds of vintage guitars, the great companies that built them and the artists …

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