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This page is my attempt to correct the general lack of schematics and technical information about Hiwatt amplifiers. One hand-drawn set of schematics has been widely circulated, and published in both Pittman and Weber’s books, and a few Audio mans schematics have been seen in the wild.

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Hiwatt DIY Last updated February 10, 2009: Note the “shorty” snap-in caps. This page documents the details of my efforts to build a ‘103 from currently available parts.

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Related Posts. Remembering Three Forgotten Vintage Australian Amp Manufacturers of the 60s Australia is rarely associated in reverence with the production of guitar amplifiers.

Vintage Hiwatt Amp 92

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Here you’ll find a modest collection of some interesting tube amplifier schematics. I’ll be adding more brands and schematics in the (near) future.

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